Three Ways First Lady Zinash Stole The Show


It is quite arare scene to see African leaders traveling with their spouse. Contrary to thistrend First Lady Zinash Tayachew attended the second tripartite summit in her hometown Gonder along with her husband PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed. 

The summit wasattended by Eritrean president Isaias Afeworki and Somalia President MohamedAbdullahi Mohamed. Despite being the only first lady attending the summit, itdidn’t take much of an effort for the stylish first lady to steal the show.

Mother Zinash Thresa

The first lady is greatly known for her charity works and ever since she became the first lady, she has focused on subjects related to charity. She is the only first lady to adopt a child while being in office. She also attended several school feeding programs. Continuing her work first lady Zinash today donated fifteen wheelchairs in Bahirdar for people with disabilities.

Stylist Zinash

It is quite normal for the first lady to show appearance with Habesha traditional cloth and today taking it one step further the first lady wore a custom-made coat and dress with Habesha cloth fabric.

Loving Zinash

In a quite rare scene seeing the first couple intimate side except today, while they were traveling to Tana monasteries on a boat ride. For a country that is not accustomed to seeing its officials showing their human side. It was a beautiful scene that drove several loving reactions on social media.