The Parliament Approved The Appointment of Four Government Officials


The House of People’s Representatives Approved the appointment of Adanech Abebe and three other government officials who nominated by the prime minister.

The house approved the appointment of the former Adama city mayor, OPDO secretariat, and Ministry of revenue Adanech Abebe as the general attorney general. Adanech replaces Birhanu Tsegaye, who appointed as ambassador by president Sahilewek Zewde Last week.

Lakew Ayalew replaced Adanech as a new Minister of Revenues. Lakew, the only male who swears to the Parlament today, served as an intern and deputy president of Amhara regional state.

The other two appointments include the former State Minister of Health Dr. Lia Tadesse and Filsan Abdi. The house accepted both as Health and Minister of Women, Children, and Youth Ministers.