Teddy Afro to Release New Single Dedicated to GERD


Artist Teddy Afro is set to release his new single this coming Tuesday. After releasing his last single titled Ethiopia in 2017 this will be the first single in three years. The new single will be made available on the artist’s YouTube Channel.

According to his General Manager Getachew Manguday the artist’s new single is spirited in elevating the nation spirit towards GERD (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam). The artist will also buy a 100,000 Bond for GERD. Though this is the first time the artist is publicly showing support for the project, recently he has contributed 1 million birr for the fight against Coronavirus.

Teddy Afro is not new in producing songs that have national themes and songs like Kenenisa and Haile Gebreselassie are among the songs that have had a uniting effect. The new song is expected to become a hit given the number of days Ethiopia left with to fill the dam despite strong confrontation from Egypt.