From its melancholic tone to its hunted visuals, it is clear that this is a Labor of love. While most music videos nowadays rely on being glossy, እስክሽር’s video moves in tandem with its music to create something that is original and rich in detail.

This new music video was released after a long hiatus by the Ethiopian singer Sayat Demissie. The final product is a daring experiment that takes her away from the tone that made her famous in the first place.

Her new single shows a matured and layered performance to an already multi-faceted artist. እስክሽር is a slow, somber and reflective song that is elevated by a stunning visual. It feels fresh in its essence, rather than being a retread of previous works as seen in many artists. It is a different world from her previous works, which were bombastic and full of energy fueled by a young woman’s passion. However, here her new release is more of a measured affair controlled and precise, a reflection of an older, wiser individual aware of the world around them. If this any indication at all, it is a sign that more interesting works are in store from this artist.