Prime Minister Abiy Responded to Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize Claim


Prime minister Abiy Ahmed during his official visit in South Africa given a reply to the US president’s claim of the Nobel peace prize. When he was asked his thoughts about Trump’s objection, the PM said that it should be forwarded to the Nobel committee.


Last week the US president during his rally campaign at Ohio implied that he had a hands-on to save Ethiopia, and he deserved the peace prize.


“I made a deal. I saved a country, and I just heard that the head of that country is now getting the Nobel Peace Prize for saving the country.”


Even though he didn’t specify which country he is referring to, it’s apparent that he was talking about Ethiopia, whose leader was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2019. According to reports, Trump was talking about the ‘deal’ he made to moderate Ethiopia and Egypt with their Nile dam dispute. Whereas the negotiation concluded last week without reaching an agreement.


“I have no clue how the Nobel committee selects an individual for the prize, ” said prime minister Abiy. He added, “the issue of President Trump must go to the Nobel prize committee…it must go to Oslo, not Ethiopia.” The PM also asserted that he was not working on getting the prize but made efforts to bring peace, which is critical for the region.


Recall that the prime minister was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his effort to end decades-long deadlock with neighboring Eritrea. And the Nobel committee said that he also championed political reforms and prompted gender equality in Ethiopia.