PM Abiy Ahmed Among The Most Influential African In 2018|Ethiopia News


News Africa Magazine a London based monthly magazine picked Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed as the most influential African in the year 2018. The magazine picked 100 influential Africans in the year 2018 and unlike the previous list this time more Ethiopians made it to the list.

PM Abiy Ahmed sweeping reforms in rebranding Ethiopia image was part of the main reason for becoming the most influential African in the year 2018. Breaking the 20-year no-war-no- peace relation with Eritrea, bringing more regional integration within the horn region, opening up Ethiopia for all Africans, promoting women to several key positions and opening up the political space within the country were some of his major achievements in just 9 months since taking office.

Another list of Ethiopians who made it to the list includes Model Gelila Bekele, Dr. Senait Mesfin, CEO Tewolde Gebremariam and Bethelem Tilahun.

Model Gelila Bekele


Dr. Senait Mesfin


CEO Tewolde Gebremariam



Bethelem Tilahunbeti





  1. His our Angel our prime Dr Abiy is the most humble down to earth he change the game he puts smiling in everybodys face in Ethiopia except TPLF …he give us hope and Love the cutest human in the plant we are proud to call him our lider our king we love you #DrAbiy … God Bless Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!! God Bless you!!!!!💚💛❤

  2. Dr. Abiy is a gift for Ethiopians. He came to power at a time when Ethiopians were lost hope and fear internalized deep to heart. He saves the country from collapse. He sows and nurture a hope to all Ethiopians. He runs the country to peace & prosperity. Ethiopia has many challenges. There are ethnic clashes, displacement, deep rooted corruption, economic fraud, unemployment, inflation, and inefficient bureaucratic systems etc. He sits on the fire to save this country. Up to the all Ethiopians to stand and march behind him. I urge all Ethiopian not to loss this opportunity. We should support him by all so that our beloved country become frontier and shine.

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