New Attorney General Picks Fighting Disinformation as First task


The Federal Attorney-General has taken to Facebook to denounce fake social media accounts opened in the Federal Attorney-General Gedion Timothewos (Ph.D.) name.

The Attorney in its post published today have stated that there are no social media accounts opened or run by the new attorney general who replaced the outgoing general Adanech Abebe last week.

The statement further stated that any information disseminated from such social media accounts categorically does not represent the attorney general’s stance or the institution he runs.  

Gedion’s appointment was well received by those who believed the Attorney General position should be held by a non-partisan.

Gedion, a member of the Department’s academic community for many years, was appointed as State Minister at the Attorney General’s Office back in October 2018 and later to the head the General Attorney office last week.

Lately, officials and authorities have been forced to battle fake news, and misinformation passed on social media platforms. Sometimes, this information is published by accounts that imitate public officials and the institution. 

Last week the Federal Attorney General also announced that it was opening a criminal investigation after a critical document related to the ongoing high profile cases against opposition political leaders was leaked on Facebook. It was reported that Attorney was tracking the individuals who shared the document with INSA’s help would bring them to court.