Ethiopian Government may Closedown Universities


Ethiopian government warned to close down universities where violence happens. The prime minister said this during a meeting with high government officials, heads of regions, and university presidents on Friday. The government called this meeting to discuss the current security issues in universities all over the country.


Ethiopian universities have become battlegrounds for ethnic violence and extremist activities. Parents have been in fear of sending their kids to regional universities, considering almost all universities experienced some racial abuse for the past couple of years.


Prime minister Abiy criticized the regional security offices for their ignorance. “there are regions which belief that regional police don’t have responsibility for the federal university,” said the premier at the meeting. He added, ” if a [regional government] think that way, we will give the university to the region. We [the federal government] built the facilities, allocated budgets, and now we can’t provide security to universities.”


Moreover, he mentioned groups and individuals with external intentions, are financing the violence in universities to make the changes in the country groundless.


He gave the warning, “[the government] may decide to close down universities, if it keeps bothering us too much.” He recommended the city administrations and communities to work responsibly to secure peace in universities in their home.


The security of universities become a current issue after two students were killed in Woldia University last week. Tensions still exist in most universities, and according to some reports, parents are asking for the return of their children. Some students have already fled to their homes.