Catch Taxi Assisting Those Serving the Community In a Fight Against Covid-19


The infection rate of the coronavirus has increased significantly in Ethiopia in recent days. As more infections are being reported, more health professionals, law enforcement officials, and volunteers will be deployed to fight against the spread of the virus.


About a month ago, the Ministry of Health called up volunteers from unemployed health graduates, retirees, and health students, to use their service, as the spread of COVID-19 increases.


In addition to helping the community amid the coronavirus, the ‘workers on duty’ have to protect themselves from the pandemic.


Catch Taxi, a taxi-hailing app, steps in to offer free rides to the arguably high numbers of volunteers and professionals who are out there in a direct fight against COVID-19.


The taxi company decided to make this offer because using public transport could increase the risk of infection. And most professionals and volunteers couldn’t afford private cars.


The cab company required the workers to send their ID and full personal information such as their name, address, and phone number to the email [email protected] as a qualification for the free ride.


Developed by Taam Cab Technology Solutions PLC, Catch Taxi have registered more than 3000 drivers so far in Addis Ababa. In Addition to the free ride offer, the company had been offering a bonus for its drivers to help them with the current economic crisis they are facing.


Furthermore, Catch Taxi has also been providing a 30 percent discount for all of its customers as a measure to prompt a safe mode of transportation.