Ato Berhanu Wondimagegnehu the Famous Zone9 Prosecutor Got Arrested


Ethiopia government continues its arrest on officials who are believed to be involved in state-level corruption and human right abuses. The latest arrest targeted officials from federal police, intelligence, and federal prosecutor.

  1. Ato Yared Zerihun– Prior to his appointment as federal police commissioner Ato Yared Zerihun was serving as deputy director for National Intelligence and Security Services under the authority of the famous Getachew Assefa.
  2.  Ato RetaTesfaye- Ato Reta was serving as federal police criminal investigator before getting relieved from his duty by PM Abiy.
  3. Ato Berhanu Wondimagegnehu-Prosecutor Berhanu is very well known for prosecuting several journalists andbloggers under the controversial anti-terrorism law. One of the cases that wereprosecuted by Ato Berhanu was the famous Zone9 case. The case resulted in theunjust arrest and prosecution of 9 bloggers for nearly two years.